Fitness Basic Knowledge

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As one of the Elastic Fitness Yoga Band Wholesalers, let's share some basic knowledge of fitness.
1. The best time for training
Before we start fitness, you must first know which stage of fitness is the best time. We recommend that everyone's best fitness time is from 3 pm to 5 pm, during which time your spirit belongs to a relatively abundant state. 
2. Selection of training tools
There is also a choice of our fitness tools. If you are a newcomer to fitness, then I recommend that you use some free weights to complete the training, do not use some fixed weight training, this will not give your muscles a good room for growth.
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3. Do three exercises that cannot be ignored in strength training
When we do strength training, we must not ignore three big movements, one is deadlift, one is deep, and the other is the bench press. These three big movements can help us exercise different parts of the body. Help us exercise our legs, squats can also help us exercise lower limb muscles, and bench press can help us exercise chest muscles. You can also use some equipment such as Elastic Fitness Yoga band.
4. Time to recover after training
After we finish the training, we must know how to let our muscles rest and let our muscles have a recovery time. This will determine how long your training time is. I don’t recommend everyone to practice every day. After a period of exercise, you can practice once every other day.
5. Make every move a standard
Every time we do training, we must make every movement standard, so that this action can bring you better results. We don't want the speed of the action, we should ask for the quality of the action so that you can achieve the best training results.

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