Three Factors Affecting Fitness Effects

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As a Floss Band Supplier, let's introduce the three factors that affect fitness.
First: irregular fitness
Some office workers can't exercise regularly. They only go when they have time or some people who don't have enough perseverance go to the gym occasionally. They don't want to leave the house the next day. This kind of exercise does not bring good fitness results.
Therefore, if you want to really get good results, it is best to do regular exercise, fix the constant fitness time at least 3 times a week, and let the body remember this time. And the number of times must be guaranteed. If it is delayed because of work or other things, then you have to find another time to make up, don't be lazy.
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Second: no protein supplements
After training, you must add enough protein to repair the muscles that are damaged during exercise. This will not only help shape but also help your health. If you are worried that the food will gain weight, you can choose protein powder. But Xiaobian suggested that it is better to eat chicken breast, fish and eggs.
Third: there is no incremental improvement in training intensity
The training process must make progress for itself and not always maintain the intensity of exercise for novices. If the intensity does not increase, then it is equivalent to the original step, the effect of exercise is naturally not obvious.
Therefore, you must learn to gradually improve your training intensity during your workout, so that you can constantly break through your self and strengthen your muscle stimulation.
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