Wish You All The Best For The Dragon Boat Festival!

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The Dragon Boat Festival, commonly known as "Duanyang" and "Heavy Five", is the beginning of summer. The summer weather is hot and hot, people are prone to illness, the plague is prone to prevalence, and the snakes breed and are easy to bite. The ancients described the festival as “five poisons” and “evil moon”, and they ate “five yellows” and collected mugworts. The practice of hanging five poison maps is intended to drive out disasters and plagues, and pray for peace and prosperity. Therefore, the Dragon Boat Festival itself reflects the wisdom of the lives of the ancestors and is an important manifestation of the unique Chinese culture of the Chinese economy.

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. As the Hip Resistance Band Set Factory, we wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival, happy and happy! Everything goes well!

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