Usage And Precautions Of Resistance Bands In Family Training II

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The next step is,
4. Exercise the shoulder with an elastic band
5. The preparation for the shoulder exercise is: the legs are close together, the knees are bent at about 90 degrees, the feet are stepped on the elastic band, and both ends of the elastic band are held by both hands, and the arms are slightly bent.
6. When exercising on the shoulders, push your shoulders, lift your arms up, and lift them to the elbows in parallel with the ground.
7. Exercise your back with a stretch band
8. Take a sitting posture when you exercise. With your feet together, wrap the elastic band around your feet and hold your arms straight to the ends of the elastic band.
9. When the back is exerting force, pay attention to the full tightening of the shoulder blades and use the elbows as far as possible to the rear. Be careful not to lean back on your body.
10. Exercise the chest with Resistance Bands
Before using the elastic band training or exercise, pay attention to check whether the elastic band is intact. If the new elastic band should be replaced in time by cracks or gaps, should the fitness be correct? Warmly remind you that the Resistance Elastic Band is best replaced 1-2 months. This is first of all for safety, and secondly, it is beneficial to ensure the exercise effect of the elastic band.

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