Usage And Precautions Of Resistance Bands In Family Training I

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In family training, it should be noted whether the method of exercise is effective and pertinent. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time. Unscientific exercise will also cause disorder of the physiological rules of the human body, which will have adverse effects on the body in the short term. Today we will introduce how to use the Resistance Bands for effective exercise in family training. This kind of training is not easy, but the effect is very obvious. Especially for people who lack exercise and age, the exercise effect is very obvious.
1. Exercise the biceps with an Resistance Elastic Band
2. When exercising biceps, the legs are opened before and after, the front feet are on the elastic band, the back knees are close to the ground, both hands are holding the ends of the Resistance Loop Bands the arms are vertical and the elbows are slightly bent.
3. When the biceps exercise is exerted, the elbow joint is bent, the arm is close to the big arm, and the other parts of the body are guaranteed to be stable at the moment, and the exercise effect is best.

Resistance Bands

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